Friday, January 2, 2009

Have an Elegant Weekend [even if you're not elegant]

I would never consider myself an "elegant" person, per se [thus the title of my blog!]. I hate feeling too matchy -- unless it's all black -- and anytime I feel as if I've overdone my hair or makeup, I always have to muss it up a bit. Because of my embrace of imperfection, I have always felt it difficult to relate to 50's fashion. The perfectly-powdered, girtled, and coiffured look of the 50's makes me feel slightly suffocated (see the beautiful, but oppressed Betty Draper of Mad Men).

However, as I've grown older, I have started to appreciate certain timeless elements of mid-century fashion, such as: red lipstick, well-tailored coats and jackets, hats/gloves, and simple silhouettes with touches of glamour. So, while it's not a New Years' resolution, I would like to experiment a bit more in the coming year with adding some understated 50's elegance into my wardrobe --while also staying true to my own casual/down-to-earth/quirky way of dressing.

Here's to having an elegant weekend -- even if you're not terribly elegant most of the time [like me!!]

This year, I'm going to play more with:


Classic Pants

Pretty slips and hosiery

A 50's-style bathing suit?

[Faux] fur

Cigarettes! [just kidding], though they do seem subversively elegant...

Summer dresses:

Red Velvet, YUM!

Well-tailored dresses

Maybe I'll drag out my kimono collection!

A hat with a net seems dramatic

New ballet slippers...maybe some Chanels?

Flowers...brooches and hair accessories.

A new, fitter body...where can I buy that???

[Thanks to Ana from Foto Decadent for downloading these amazing Conde Nast photos!]


ana b. said...

What a wonderful set of inspirations to play around with for the year! It's summer here in NZ and I have been searching for a 50s-style one-piece for a while. Largely unsuccessful. I love how you stand out from the crowd of tack-tastic bikinis in a really elegant one-piece. Good luck with these!

Craigjc said...

Love the blog. Love the design. Love it.

Anonymous said...

i absolutely love 50s bathing suits: they're so elegant yet sexy in that pinup way!

La C.

Couture Carrie said...

What an amazing series of photos! I love the classic glamour and elegance of these shots . . . maillots, bespoke knickers, millinery, yes!!


Anonymous said...

These images are just breath-taking! I need more feathers and dramatic hats in my life too :D

Anonymous said...

Mmm, I want... fake fur, 50's-style bathing suits, well tailored dresses and a new and fitter body! ;)

Loveeely Pics Tara!

[Tara] said...

ana b -- I agree. It makes you feel "dressed up", even at the pool! Plus, my bodies not what it used to be ;)

craig -- You are too kind! Thanks!

lacouturier -- I agree -- and they make you feel like a grown-up, in a sexy way, rather than a teenager!

couture carrie -- I am so happy to see millinery making a bit of a comeback.

miss karen -- Go for it! I just went into a vintage store yesterday with feathers and hats galore -- I didn't know where to start!

tamara -- The new, fitter body is going to be the toughest one for me ;0

michiko said...

I'm a sucker for gorgeous 50s styles (and I don't have to be elegant to try it lol)
Thanks for sharing these great images.