Friday, January 23, 2009

Art Collecting for the Poor and Snooty

I am what some people might consider a late-bloomer in some regards: I did not buy my first designer item until last year (well, my first designer item that was not used or vintage). I always assumed I couldn't consider designer clothing, because I just couldn't afford it on a student budget! But now with designer sites like net-a-porter and online sample sale sites like Gilt Groupe, designer clothing has become more accessible (and sales are everywhere!). I also did not start buying "real" art until recently. I have come to discover that original art is actually easy to come by with some research -- sites like Etsy and Deviant Art cater to the art lover with an average income. I just purchased two limited-edition prints from 20x200 [A Jen Bekman Project], and I am feeling quite grown-up. Yes, I am officially an art collector! And here are the two lovely prints I received yesterday. Now, off to the store to buy picture frames...

Newfoundland 7
by Carrie Marill

by Jennifer Sanchez

I want to encourage anyone who thought original art was unreachable, to reconsider and check out one of these amazing sites -- many of which offer art options well under $50:

20x200 -- They introduce two new pieces a week: one photo and one work on paper. Most images are available in three standard sizes. The smallest size is reprinted in the largest batch – an edition of 200 – and sold at the lowest price – $20. Hence the name 20x200.

Art for Empty Walls -- The pieces on this site are a bit more ($150 range), but you can buy actual paintings! Their mission is to provide a way for people to buy art – specifically those who might otherwise be intimidated or priced out of the art-buying process.

Artocracy -- Download free art or purchase inexpensive prints. This site has a wide selection, from abstract and digital art, to photography.

Deviant Art -- The largest art community in the world; particularly specializes in manga, cartoons, digital art, and alternative lifestyle photography. Hundreds of new art works are added daily.

Etsy -- The place where you can find it all!! Etsy features some of the most interesting independent artists on the web -- from crafts to paintings, prints and drawings.


Oatmeal Lover said...

I've been enjoying your blog for about a month now, and I absolutely love how your posts are so consistently thoughtful and intellectual. It's such a treat to peruse a blog that is as well written as it is visually stimulating! I don't mean to sound like an academia snob, because I absolutely enjoy browsing images which require no thought process once in a while. But it's a much more satisfying experience to read a blog that presents ideas as well as aesthetics, as yours so eloquently achieves!

I relate to this post especially because I recently bought (or rather requested as my only Christmas present..) my first piece of art as well, which also happened to be an original print! I'm an Art History major, and love art, and so I completely sympathize with how exciting it is to feel like you've begun a personal collection! Your tips for affordable art are also very much appreciated, as it took me a while to find something reasonably priced.

Sorry this is such an exhaustive post, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog! All the best.

madeleinemiranda said...

Oh gosh, I know what you mean about the student budget!

Nice pics :)

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-well done you, an official art collecter, yay!!

ana b. said...

This is a great post! I love that you're promoting accessible art. My personal favourite for prints is Eve Tarundjaja and Audrey Kawasaki.

ana b. said...

OH! And I almost forgot. Thank you for the offer about teaming up to get me some Alexander McQueen for Target lovin' That is so nice of you. And - hehe - I may hold you to it. I think it is out in March.