Friday, December 26, 2008

Holiday Dressing: What I Wore

As I've mentioned before, despite the fact that this blog is heavily fashion-obsessed, I feel quite self conscious about posting too many pics of myself and my own outfits. I think this stems from my constant insistence that I must not be too focused on the exterior [and because I just find things outside myself to be far more interesting...]. But,I also realized that perhaps doing more outfit posts would interest OTHERS and help readers to make some kind of connections between my tastes and interests and my own personal style (?). Point being, I'm trying to be less self-conscious and I am going to try to post outfits a bit more regularly...and hoping this will inspire both you and me!

This was my Christmas Eve ensemble -- I felt very pirate-princess in this! [Dress, Target. Tights, Marshalls. Boots, Penny Loves Kenny (Zappos). Flower clip, Forever 21.]

My Christmas-day-cozy ensemble... [Boots, Urban Outfitters. Leggings, Banana Republic. Sweater, Marshall's. Turtleneck, Target. Necklace, Forever 21. Wrap, Marshall's. Beret, Urban Outfitters.]

I always sort of wished I needed to wear glasses -- I think this is because I feel left out when hanging out with all of my bookish, be-spectacled friends. So for fun, my boyfriend bought me some naughty librarian glasses, which I quickly proceeded to break when trying to adjust them. I then realized my ears were crooked, not the glasses...grrrrrr. [glasses, Claire's].

This was my outfit last night...for dancing and imbibing. [Jeans, Topshop (I cut them myself). Shoes, Payless. Shirt, Express. Necklace, Forever 21. Jacket, Express. Purse, Vintage.]


Anonymous said...

I love the boots in the first picture, and the naughty librarian glasses, they're super funny!
Happy Holidays!! :)

Savvy Mode SG said...

i love the first outfit. tooooo cute.

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-such lovely pictures and outfits, my fave is the last one!!

Anonymous said...

Ooooh I love the first dress, it's so 60s! And glasses look great on you :D

Milla said...

you should wear glasses! tres cute!

greetz from tiz said...

the first dress is so cute!
x x x

[Tara] said...

tamara -- I thought the glasses were funny too...but my boyfriend found them weirdly sexy, LOL!

savvy-- thank you -- I felt good in it!

sharon -- Thanks sharon -- I felt very classy/80's in it!

karen -- I know -- the bell sleeves are very 60's.

milla -- Thanks milla; they make me feel quite dapper and smart...

greetz -- thanks -- it means a lot coming from you -- you have beautiful style!