Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!!!!

Gidget [my precious pug] and I want to wish everyone a happy, prosperous, peaceful, new year!!! I can't believe I've been blogging for almost six months -- and loving it even more now than when I started! I feel so lucky to have made new friends and communicated with some of the most amazing, interesting people through my little blog...


Here is what I wore last night -- my camera isn't the best, so it is difficult to see the sequin details on my sweater and the allover fringe on the dress. I tried to combine as many textures as possible: patent leather, lace, fringe, sequins, and feathers (in my hair). Thanks to my sister for the gorgeous lace leggings!! Also, thanks to beautiful Spring for this one-of-a-kind vintage purse!

Last night was fun [even though my man was missing], and I came to the realization that people love an excuse to pose and have their pictures taken! Here are some shots of a few of my amazing, gorgeous, funny friends [and you might recognize a dress in there somewhere...]:

I don't like the word "resolution" [it already has the connotation of failure in my mind], so I like to make "goals" instead. Here are my 10 goals for 2009:

1. Continue my organization streak.

2. Donate money to a worthy cause (a pug rescue?)

3. Work on enjoying my academic obligations more...thus working more efficiently and regularly.

4. Keep up more regularly with a healthy diet and exercise regime (notice I did not say lose xx amount of pounds?)

5. Save more money.

6.Spend my money more intelligently -- buy fewer items, but buy items of higher quality.

7. Keep working to make my blog a success (and a pleasure for myself and others).

8. Keep experimenting with cooking.

9. Work on techniques for overcoming procrastination.

10. Get an academic article published or present a paper at an academic conference!

What are your goals for the new year???


ana b. said...

What a fantastic, fun looking group of friends! I bet you had a fantastic NY with them. I love the sequins and lace combo. Completely gorgeous! Number 5 - save more money is high up on my intentions too.

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-I love your lace leggings, I want some! great resolutions, hope you fulfill them!

Brigid said...

I love your little pug! She looks like she's posing for an Olan Mills photo. :)

Courtney said...

Y'All are so gorgeous! What a pleasure to live vicariously through the photos!

And I love your goals. I share your ones about procrastination, for sure!