Friday, October 31, 2008

Tesoros Trading Company: Little Gifts on the Cheap

I love giving gifts, but as I've grown older and accumulated more acquaintences, co-workers, and social networks, it has become harder and harder to always come up with something creative and thoughful for the various occasions that arise. I've come to appreciate the act of giving "little" gifts -- gifts under $10. I'm not talking about an anniversary or Christmas with the family, but rather, events like housewarmings, birthdays, dinner parties, etc. I try to consider the personality of the recipient [unless I don't know them well, and then I always just give wine], and I try to give something slightly off-kilter or when the person looks at or uses the gift [albeit small], they will remember me!

I discovered Tesoros Trading Co. while living in Austin, and their website is chock full of great little imported oddities under $10. I often order 10 or more items, so I have cool stuff stocked away when I need to grab a gift and go...

Mermaid purse mirror, Peru. $5.00.

Lucha Karate Toy, Peru. $8.50.

Heart Milagro cards, Nepal. $2.00

Floral Oven Mitt, Vietnam. $8.00.

Floral coin purse, Guatemala. $8.00.

Copper Heart, Peru. $6.00.

Sequined multi-color orn, Bangladesh. $5.00.

Floral Wrapping paper, Vietnam. $8.00

I love the oilcloth-print floral paper with a little black ribbon:


Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-I adore that floral coin purse, what an awesome website, I'm gonna check it out!

[Tara] said...

Thanks Sharon -- it is a great website with LOTS of stuff. I don't know if they ship aborad...hopefully!