Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Can This Be Made into an Outfit?

It's that time again to use Polyvore as a tool of artistic procrastination and unveil the second edition of my Domino magazine-inspired post series. This time, I thought it would be fun to imagine an ensemble appropriate for the bustling streets of Berlin, circa 1914 -- inspired by the bold paintings of Expressionist painter Ernst Kirchner. MOMA's new exhibit "Kirchner and the Berlin Street" runs from August 3–November 10, 2008. According to the MOMA description, the "charged atmosphere and energy of the city was felt in an expression of acute perspectives, jagged strokes, dense angular forms, and caustic color. The street life in Berlin, in particular the familiar presence of prostitutes, identified by their elaborate plumed hats, captured Kirchner's eye and inspired this spectacular series."
So, I guess I should really call this post, "How to Dress Like an Early-Twentieth Century German Prostitute(?)" Of course, I included cigarettes and a bottle of Absinthe to complete the ensemble. Seriously though, I want all of this stuff... except maybe the Absinthe.

Kirchner. Berlin Street Scene. 1913. Oil on canvas.

[From bottom left, roughly clockwise]
Dark Romance Night lipstick. Harrods.
Low Lace-Up boot (grey and black).
Tracy black dotty blouse by Malene Birger.
Navy Blue 1950's leather gloves.
Ivory chiffon ruffle jacket.
Vintage black hat with feathers.
Frye Adrienne Lace-Up boot (black).
Bottle of Absinthe (i.e. the green fairy).
Blue bow neck coat by Dorothy Perkins.
Camel Fox fur collar vintage coat.
Black feather and net headband.
Scarlet Woman red coat.
Sobranie cigarettes.


Emily said...

so fun. this is one of my favorite domino articles!

MR style said...

that's a cool mix !! a bit of color !! so essential right now !!? that's great

Ashlee said...

ha. so classy for a prostitute.

love the colors.

StrikeMatch said...

I love the mixture of colours. I wish I was this talented at Polyvore!