Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Motorcycle Jackets: Real vs. Vegan

I have been trying to decide whether these badass beauties over at facehunter.com are wearing real or vegan leather jackets...either way, they look great!

This weekend, I plan to start shopping for a motorcycle jacket -- an item that has been on my Fall wish-list for a while now. I have been pondering whether or not I want to purchase a "real" leather version or opt instead for a faux/vegan version. To be honest, I love real leather -- I love the feel, the look, and the smell. In other words, I'm not a vegan. But, if you told me I had the option of a jacket that looked as good, cost less, and saved an animal's life, I would definitely be persuaded!

What I've decided to be the best course of action is to first try and find a used/vintage leather version. It is actually more eco-friendly to purchase second-hand than to purchase something newly produced (vegan or not). If I don't have any luck with that, I am going to opt for a new vegan jacket. I have had my eye on several options that I have found online. Here are some of the more tempting ones -- the Urban Outfitters option is probably my favorite so far (though the Target prices always tempting):

Vegan Essentials.com: Vegan motorcycle Jacket, by Vegetarian Shoes, $179.95

I'll keep you all updated on what I end up buying...and of course take some pics!


Sharon Rose said...

Personally, I would thrift a real leather one, but I do like the target one here-very stylish for the money!!

Emily said...

i agree with sharon and i do love that picture with the leather jacket paired with the floral dress!

Mila said...

I love the UO one...but the vegan one is also a good choice.

I am curious about which one you end up buying... :)

Bargain Fashionista said...

GO VEGAN! if it looks as good, fits as good, feels as good - then why not?

Leah said...

Hi - I just saw the comment on my blog and I love your blog! I will link to your blog when I get the motivation. I also was going to buy a black leather motorcycle jacket this year and wanted to keep it at $350 and under even though I knew that I couldn't really afford it :)! I bought a DKNY one for just over the budget but I kept it in the bag waiting for the Ann Taylor one to come out. I didn't realize that it would be faux. The AT one came out last week and I bought it and returned the DKNY one. There are lots of bargains at AT and I may still have a 20%off coupon that I would be happy to forward. It looks awful online but look at the ads that have been running in magazines to see how it looks on. Anyway...long answer to say that I went vegan not really on purpose but I generally liked the fit and styling and it works with my lifestyle better.