Saturday, August 30, 2008 Where Have You Been all My Life?

I pride myself on being somewhat "in the know" when it comes bargain shopping. So when I discover a new shop or online store that has been around for a while (and I have somehow managed to miss it) I feel like there is some kind of secret conspiracy to keep me out of the loop. I had one of these "conspiracy theory" moments yesterday while browsing through Sara Millionaire's great blog, "Ain't No Fun Waiting Around to be a Millionaire." She was wearing an amazingly sexy pair of lace-up heels and was kind enough to mention that she bought them from a site called I had never heard of gojane, so I hustled on over there to see what they had to offer. I quickly discovered that the site is similar to a Delia's-type store (mostly clothing geared toward a teen clientele), and while their clothing isn't at all my cup-o-tea, they have a great selection of super-cheap, crazy-cool heels and sandals. Since heels are not a daily essential for me, I rarely splurge on them (unless they are truly comfortable), so the $20-$30 price range on this site really caught my eye. Of course, on the flip-side, if you are the kind of gal that wears heels almost every day, this site is a dream come true. Needless to say, I quickly forgot my conspiracy concerns, became very grateful for the tip, and added the site to my bookmarks for very-near-future reference. Here are just a few of the options I am lusting after:

Stud shield sling-back heel, $24.99 (available in black, brown, and camel)

Strappy lace-up platform, $20.99 (available in white).

Slouchy leatherette platform, $22.99 (available in black, bronze, and pewter)

Leatherette shield peep toe heel, $25.99 (available in black, brown, grey, purple, and red)

Lace-front peep toe bootie, $31.99 (available in black, chocolate, and navy).

Platform snake gladiator heel, $24.99 (available in black, bronze, and gold)


Anonymous said...

i'm always scared of buying shoes online- my feet are so much trouble!

StrikeMatch said...

This looks awesome! I love cheap shoes, especially heels because (like you) I never get a lot of wear out of them.

Sharon Rose said...

Wow-good find, fabulous shoes at fabulous prices!!

Kei said...

omo! u have like e exact same taste as me!!! (btw, great taste haha)

I just got my gojane stud shield sling-back heel, but they sent me in black, not e brown i ordered. boohoo :(

now I'm thinking, should I get e Leatherette shield peep toe heel? hmm hmm..

Sara Millionaire said...

I LOVE GoJane! I'm so glad my blog nudged you in their direction. I've probably bought 20 pairs of heels from there in the past couple of years. True, the clothing selection is generally insanely trashy, but for killer heels at really cheap prices you can't beat 'em.

Have you been to They also carry a huge selection of cheap, cute shoes.

Ashlee said...

i love the structure of all the shoes.

i just fear that for the might feel like your foot is going to fall off after 2 hours of wearing them. no arch support.