Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Quiet Appeal of the Man-Bag

A Little Structure is Good for You: Lately, I have been feeling pretty bored with bags. The worn-in slouchy leather purse is a great standby, but I have had a hankering for something new. Over at the Facehunter I began to notice a handful of cute European boys sporting some rather debonair man-bags. Then, I noticed a couple of adorable ladies with uber-structured purses, and I knew this was my answer. Luckily, I found an amazing, barely-used shiny leather beauty from the 70's at a local vintage shop. I feel a bit like I'm carrying a mini-briefcase, and the handle is soft and a perfect length (hits my hips). I am going to have to get used to the fact that I can't just shove my hand inside and easily rifle around like I do in my softer, roomier bags, but it will keep me a bit more organized. The red and gold strip on the front flap gives it just a hint of Ivy-League, and the androgynous factor makes it even more appealing somehow. Yay for something different!

Now that I look at it, maybe it's not even real leather...oh well, that's even better. No wonder it was so inexpensive!

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Anonymous said...

Love the man bag. You post has definitely made me think twice about my next handbag. Just linked to you. Love your blog!

Nothing Elegant said...

Thanks for the comment and encouragement! Cheers!

Laminated Fragments said...

OMFG! Now, you know I have quite a bag fetish as well, and frankly, I am so excited for your incredible find. It took me a whopping four months to find the new bag that I will be debuting this fall during the upcoming semster. I happened to come across it in the GAP of all places. I like using my leather bag, too. However, I felt that is time for a new one, and I hadn't bought a new bag in close to a year. So, I can't wait to show this one off.