Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Can This Be Made into an Outfit?

Domino magazine has a feature from time to time in which a really inspired outfit is translated into a room with interior design that matches in mood, color, pattern (or a combination of elements). I love this idea and wondered if I could do the reverse. Since I can't afford to redesign my humble apartment every time I see an inspiring outfit, I thought it would be more appropriate to play with the idea of taking an interior, a decorative item, a film, or any random piece of aesthetic loveliness and translate it into an outfit (either on Polyvore or on myself). So here is my first attempt with this garish, over-the-top, gorgeous commode from 1700's France. I tried to consider the time period as well as colors and materials when putting together the pieces. I'm usually a bit more reserved with color when it comes to my own clothes, but I would wear this entire ensemble in a heartbeat! (Click on the Polyvore box for detailed info on chosen items).

Commode Paris, ca. 1778 Cabinetry by Martin Carlin
Met Museum, NY


Emily said...

as an avid domino fan (i used to work for the magazine), i am also very into this feature. i love how you did this and adore the black clip and colored dress. really reminds me of the cabinet!

OptART said...

Nice dress! Think the shoes are a bit too high for NY walking though;)

Laminated Fragments said...

I totally think this is such a great idea. I wonder how this would work like really stream-lined contemporary furniture today, like at IKEA or something. I personally think you should e-mail this blog to someone at Project Runway and demand that they do a challenge like this. Hehe.

emsie said...

that balenciaga dress is amazing. love the florals.