Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Dress...New Blog?

My dear, long-lost readers!! I'm certain by now you imagine I have been buried alive under a tumbling mountain of books. In fact, I just needed a bit of time off to think about life, writing, blogging, etc. I hope you won't be completely disappointed if I tell you that there are going to be some big changes...involving the start of a new blog and the end of this one. But, you must stay tuned until my next post for all of the details -- ha, the suspense!

Just to give you a hint: my next blog won't be as "personal" as this blog has been...and it won't be as fashion/shopping related as this one (ok, there will still be fashion...I can't completely give it up!) So, I kind of wanted to leave off on a personal (and fashion-related) note by posting this series of photos that my sweet boyfriend took of me at the park today...showing off the new summer dress I got from Eshakti.

It has been such a fun, wonderful ride my dears! I think my new favorite dress is sort of symbolic of a new start -- I truly hope you will continue on this journey with me.

::OK, over the two year span of this blog, I rarely did product reviews, but this is one I'm thrilled to publicly swoon over -- seriously, Eshakti is my new favorite place to shop!! If you haven't visited their site, you must check it out. The prices are reasonable, the dresses and skirts are so cute, and they make the clothes to order...which means they take your measurements and make the clothes to fit you! Genius. I also love the fact that their dresses are stylish and slightly vintage-inspired, without being overly trendy. And they have caftans for poolside lounging!! Glamorous, darlings.


Sam said...

Au revoir blog! Spring has most certainly sprung in your neck of the woods! Look at thos blooms behind you! Gorgeous shots - you can tell your BF took them by the look in your eye!!

Looking forward to seeing your new blog!! Let me know - won't you - the address etc!

Francy said...

I love your dress! I really want a long one for summer myself. I can't wait to see your new blog. I'm sure it will be fabulous!

Jill said...

Great dress. I've ordered several things from them. I have a hard time with the fit though. Off to check out your new site!