Monday, January 25, 2010

Blogger Manifesto Project, Part II

by Tara

Beauty is paradox.
For everything you believe, you must first realize you believe the opposite.
Beauty is a rush of sensation: a sweet, unexpected taste that forces you to close your eyes in order to fully savor it.
Then beauty is rich, demanding, heavy in the stomach.

Always question your bodily response. But never let the question destroy the spontaneous pleasure.
Cast your net, savor passionate reactions; for all things worth keeping are fleeting and ephemeral. Digesting beauty is a life's work.

Analyze your affinities. Do not espouse empty words about your fascinations, unless you crave emptiness.
Sometimes the facade can be prettiest.

But know you are more than this.
You are also a paradox.
Beauty is both perfectly clear and always just out of our line of vision. We are so certain of our tastes, our way of seeing. But can we ever really be?
What you love perplexes me. Please make me understand, so I can seal my loathing shut or set it free.

Beauty is never a given.
It can terrify and inspire in different measures, in different eyes.
One set of eyes perceives a phantom, a shadow passing at the top of a staircase, and is convinced this is all and everything.
While others choose to follow a ghost.
Is it the thing or the idea you want?

Decide at every moment what makes you feel most like yourself. Or the you of your dreams. They are the same.
And then challenge it. Never grow too complacent in your perception.
When you hold something beautiful, does it make you whole, remind you of your own materiality: a jewelry box of flesh?

Love things, really love them. Have a reason. Or don’t. But love them. They have value beyond their price.
They are you.
All beautiful things are borrowed.
All things, both beautiful and ugly, are made by skillful hands. All objects have value to someone.

Consider whether beauty equals love.
Ask: What sweet morsel will I place on my tongue?

{::Read more about the project here / e-mail me if you would like info on participating!!}


Jill said...

Beauty is defined differently by everyone...that's why it's always pursued.

This manifesto project will be very interesting!

Unknown said...

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I love it! Soooooooooooo beautiful! So many favorite parts! I wanna cry!

Kira Aderne said...

to most important thing is to feel beautiful, after that all can change!

bloodmilk. said...

o this killed me tara!
you are such a talented writer.
i loved ' a jewelry box of flesh'

Michelle Schraudner said...

This is so amazing!

merricat said...

Fabulous entry. I have no doubt I will think of it often.

Anonymous said...

Oooh well done Tara! What beautiful words you put together. Hope you are well!

Love, Betsy.

JLo said...

Well done Tara! You seem to have a bit of the Wildean wit about you. Beauty is also a "plucky," "little," and "irresistibly radiant cripple" named Doodles! I know he always leaves a bit of sunshine in my heart.

I hope all is going well in T-town.

p.s. kudos to whomever merricat is on the use of the poster art from Mario Bava's "Shock."


"Decide at every moment what makes you feel most like yourself. Or the you of your dreams. They are the same." I agree, this is so true. Lauren


love your writing.