My List

The List: 101 Things to Do before I Die.
{The numbers in red are done!}

1. Visit Japan.
2. Learn to dance: Tango, Flamenco, or Salsa are my top choices.
3. Learn to speak French fluently.
4. Visit Greece.
5. Go to Machu Picchu in Peru.
6. See the pyramids in Egypt.
7. Learn to take great photos.
8. Publish at least one book.
9. Get my master’s degree.
10. Learn to plant and maintain a small garden [and fill it with lots of peonies]
11. Become a great cook who is fearless in the kitchen.
12. Visit the Galapagos Islands.
13. Go parasailing.
14. Sing in a cabaret…while on top of a piano is a bonus.
15. Finish my PhD.
16. Be my own boss.
17. Own a pug.
18. Participate in a humanitarian mission.
19. Go to the U.S. Open.
20. Become certified to teach yoga.
21. Grow out my bangs.
22. Be in the circus.
23. Find a hair color I actually love.
24. Hold a monkey.
25. Hold a koala.
26. See the Sistine Chapel.
27. Own a house.

28. Adopt more pugs!
29. Be an amazing girlfriend.
30. Be an expert at something.
31. Learn Photoshop.
32. Go to a celebrity awards show [the Tony Awards, twice!]
33. Take an entire year off, just to travel.
34. Own an item of clothing from Ports 1961.
35. Own a pair of Frye boots.
36. Drink Sangria in Spain.
37. Assemble [with assistance] and live in a pre-fab house with my boyfriend.
38. Buy my boyfriend a fabulous suit.
39. Own an eco-friendly car.
40. Become as “green” as possible.
41. Live in France.
42. See Pompeii.
43. Go on a vacation with every person I love [though not all at the same time].
44. Visit Puerto Rico with my mom.
45. Win at least $1000 in Vegas.
46. Ride a gondola in Venice.
47. Ride the Orient Express.
48. Stay the night in a castle.
49. Go to Octoberfest in Germany.
50. Throw a fabulous dinner party that people will talk about for years.
51. Visit the Louvre, Versailles, and Montmartre.
52. Visit Twin Peaks, Washington. Eat pie in a diner there.
53. Swim with dolphins.
54. See Madonna in concert.
55. Visit Charles Darwin’s home.
56. Visit Virginia Woolf’s home.
57. Visit Walden Pond.
58. Visit Frida Kahlo’s home.
59. Backpack through Mexico.
60. Go on a ghost tour of New Orleans.
61. Get out of debt.
62. Be happy with my body.
63. Dress up like Marie Antoinette.
64. Become a teacher.
65. Go to a masquerade ball.
66. Visit Marfa, Texas again with my boyfriend.
67. Write a poem I’m not embarrassed of.
68. Live someplace with a verandah, terrace, or wrap-around porch.
69. Live someplace with a chandelier.
70. Work in New York City.
71. Have a fireplace in my bathroom.
72. Cook an entire holiday dinner from scratch.
73. Stay the night in a haunted house, and see a ghost.
74. Own the entire run of The Yellow Book.
75. Own an original painting.
76. Work for a magazine.
77. Go skinny dipping.
78. Take a painting class.
79. Stay in a house on stilts in the rainforest.
80. Visit the Globe theatre.
81. Attend a runway fashion show in NY, Paris, or Milan.
82. Publish an article in a national magazine.
83. Travel across the U.S. in an RV.
84. Act in a play.
85. See the Kremlin in Russia with my boyfriend.
86. Visit Prague with my boyfriend.
87. Try caviar.
88. Visit Rio de Janeiro.
89. Try Cristal champagne.
90. Try truffles.
91. Visit Florence and see a Botticelli painting.
92. Get better at keeping in touch with family and friends.
93. Inspire someone.
94. Be in love.
95. Stop being paranoid that people don’t like me.
96. Own a digital SLR camera.
97. Paint a painting that I’m proud of.
98. Be married.
99. Attend Carnival, in Rio and Venice.
100. Spend Dios de los Muertos in Mexico